13th Annual Metro Richmond 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb

In Memoriam - The 343 Firefighters

2023 Stair Climb photo's below.

Who are we honoring? 

343 Fire Department of New York Firefighters lost on 9/11

70 Law Enforcement Officers lost on 9/11

9 Emergency Medical Technicians lost on 9/11

Well over 300 first responders who have died from health-related issues connected to the toxic atmosphere.

What is this event?

As the firefighters were climbing the towers, the public was leaving the area on foot. This event consists of a stair climb of 2200 steps to represent climbing the 110 story World Trade Center or Walking a 5K.  

Where are we honoring?

Richmond Raceway, 600 East Laburnum Ave, Richmond Virginia 23222

When are we honoring?     Saturday September 14th, 2024

Why are we honoring?



07:00 – Gates Open

08:40 – Opening Ceremony

09:00 – Climb or Walk begins.

Lunch served after climb / walk.